Currently Giving Out Free Custom Koozies! Why?

Gave out beer kooziesThis week we are giving out custom koozies to a younger crowd to promote a new brand. We talked a bit about koozies in the past but now I will go into detail. The sale of the product is directly related to its promotion. A smart as good promotion will generate more sell in the market. The way the promotion will be done will determine the acceptance of the product and the company among the clients and the customers. There are many ways by which the promotion of the product is done. The way of advertising generally picked by the companies is making commercials. The option of making commercials on the product is an expensive one. There is a cost-effective option and that is advertising with Custom Koozies. They are generally used in bottles and cans of different shapes. You can put the business information on the Koozies and start promoting your business.

Cost-Effective- Using Custom Koozies for advertising purpose is a smart choice. This is because the Koozies custom made are very cost-effective. At they are only 38 cents per piece. There is a limited cost involved in buying the custom Koozies but the return that they yield is very high. Therefore, a right usage of these Koozies can stay your product in the people’s mind for a long time.


Different Sizes- These Koozies are used in bottles and cans of different shapes and sizes. You can choose the shape and size as per your requirement. This feature of custom Koozies make it very popular among the companies in the market.


Attractive- The appearance of custom Koozies is very attractive. The custom Koozies have the ability to attract more and more people towards it. These are attractive because of their colors and designs and the women that hold them hahaha .

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Latest WordPress Developments Removes Formatting from MS Word

If you prefer to use Microsoft Word in creating your blog posts for WordPress then you are in for a change. When you paste your work to WordPress you will find that all the formatting will be done for you since none of the code that came along with your text will be included. This is blogging minus the peculiar line breaks and font problems.

A new Visual Editor will also help you as this now comes with a “Paste as Text” feature that will configure WordPress to remove all formatting from texts automatically regardless of what word processing tool you are using.

Another change that hopes to ease the creation of blogs with engaging photos is the possibility of having full gallery previews. This will surely reduce the problems of using a placeholder and checking a preview of your work. Thumbnails will be used as a preview in the order of the images that you want to be shown in your blog post.

You should also check out Visual Editor changes with new features such as drag-and-drop uploads and manual resizing. You may also find crop, scale, rotate and flip options in WordPress Add Media section.

Finally, you should also expect a better audio playlist section with a new look and more customization options. These changes may be small but could make a difference to podcasters and musicians. All these improvements will be made available next month to self-hosted WordPress sites.

How To Make A Creative And Timeless Logo That Leaves an Impression

If you think that logo designing is easy, then think again. At Design 247 we have learned time and time again that designing a logo isn’t as easy as learning your ABCs. As a matter of fact, there are things that you need to consider and things that you should do before you can make a well-designed logo. If you were asked by

A great example of a logo

A great example of a logo

your boss to make a creative logo, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some logo design tips that you should follow.

  1. BE SIMPLE. Have you seen the logo of Nike? You know it’s Nike if you see its logo, even without its brand name being written. Great logos don’t need to be filled with text and images. As long as it’s recognizable, it’s a great logo. Remember, a logo is an emblem and not a manifesto.
  2. BE DYNAMIC. Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to a great logo. Logos need to be dynamic and not static. It doesn’t mean they have to change every day, but it needs to have a flexible approach.
  3. BE VERSATILE. Being versatile is important when designing a logo. If your logo looks great on posters but look horrible on other items like mugs, then the logo won’t ever achieve popularity. A good logo is not a slave to color scheme such that if it is displayed in any color, it will still look good.
  4. BE UNIQUE. When you design a logo, it is important to think out of the box and then bring mundane objects into the mold of uniqueness.
  5. BE MEANINGFUL. There is always a story behind a logo. If you only see the logo as an art pattern, you will never be able to understand the deeper meaning behind the logo. Keep in mind that a good logo has always 2 stories to tell: the obvious one, and the hidden one.

These are just five of the things that you need to do when designing a logo. Logos need to be simple, but unique. And most importantly, it should be easily recognized by people such that when they see it, they will immediately think of the company’s name. I hope these tips were able to help you.