Important & Valuable Tips on Designing a Website

web disign

web disign

Web designing is an art. This art is widely used in designing of websites. Designing of websites include search engine optimization, experienced designing, interface design, graphic design and many more. This also includes use of proprietary software and standardized code. The person who carries out the function of web designing is known as web designer. The process of web designing has got different aspects which need to be covered. This varies from designers to designers that which aspects to be covered and which are not. Web designers design the website to spread information on the company’s services and other related information to the clients. This job includes mark up writing as well. Generally web design is considered to be a part of web development.

Designing a Website

There are various ways by which a website can be designed. Some of the tips on designing a website are as follows:

•    A website must be provided with a tagline or a motto which will represent the company’s mission and philosophy.

•    Along with a tagline a website must have site search option.

•    Abusive elements or graphics should never be used.

•    The web pages must be created in a way that they can be easily scanned able.

•    The web pages should not have UI controls that are misleading.

Importance of Designing a Website

A website of a company is the image builder about the company in front of the clients, customers and the market. The information shared on the website regarding the company has to be true and genuine. The websites are provided with images related to the company’s dealings. This helps the viewer to understand the type of services offered by the company. The most important thing to be mentioned on the website is the contact details o the company. This will help the interested clients to get in touch with the company or fix an appointment. WordPress is a good start. I would start out with a basic theme and going from there

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