Latest WordPress Developments Removes Formatting from MS Word

If you prefer to use Microsoft Word in creating your blog posts for WordPress then you are in for a change. When you paste your work to WordPress you will find that all the formatting will be done for you since none of the code that came along with your text will be included. This is blogging minus the peculiar line breaks and font problems.

A new Visual Editor will also help you as this now comes with a “Paste as Text” feature that will configure WordPress to remove all formatting from texts automatically regardless of what word processing tool you are using.

Another change that hopes to ease the creation of blogs with engaging photos is the possibility of having full gallery previews. This will surely reduce the problems of using a placeholder and checking a preview of your work. Thumbnails will be used as a preview in the order of the images that you want to be shown in your blog post.

You should also check out Visual Editor changes with new features such as drag-and-drop uploads and manual resizing. You may also find crop, scale, rotate and flip options in WordPress Add Media section.

Finally, you should also expect a better audio playlist section with a new look and more customization options. These changes may be small but could make a difference to podcasters and musicians. All these improvements will be made available next month to self-hosted WordPress sites.

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